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2011 Themes
March: Editors Picks
June: Motels (Submission Deadline April 1)
September: On The Couch (Submission Deadline July 1)
December: In the Mail (Submission Deadline October 1)

MUSE is a celebration of inspiration for literary artists. It is a quarterly publication of The Lit, dedicated to providing Ohio-based writers a platform to showcase superior craftsmanship, to supporting and promoting writers in their craft, to spotlighting news of interest in the literary community, and to elevating the overall literacy of the region.

MUSE seeks to delight, entertain, educate, and inspire its readers. We further aspire to elevate local, national, and we hope – some day, international awareness of Ohio as a literary arts epicenter.

MUSE publishes all genres of creative writing – including but not limited to poetry, fiction, essay, memoir, humor, lyrics, and drama; political essays; satire; profiles; book reviews; anything to stimulate public interest in reading and writing. Preference is given Ohio-based authors.

GENERAL PUBLICATION SUBMISSIONS (excluding annual competition) may be sent electronically to, with MUSE Submission in the subject line. We prefer electronic submissions, but if you prefer hard mail, please include SASE to MUSE, c/o The Lit, 2570 Superior Avenue, Suite 203, Cleveland, OH 44114. We reserve the right to print or not print any and all submissions.